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preventive maintenance

industrial maintenance

UPS Maintenance

UPS units are designed for reliability, but they do contain components that must be proactively serviced to ensure proper functionality if needed.


  • Dramatically increased power system availability occurs as potential problems are corrected.
  • Increased mean time between failures (MTBF) is achieved when regular maintenance is performed by expert technicians.
  • Improved critical system reliability happens due to ongoing problem prevention.
  • Less unplanned downtime is possible due to regular oversight of a UPS and its critical components.
  • Lower total cost of service resulting from a maintenance program that optimizes system performance and minimizes emergency repairs.

Data Centers

Preventive Maintenance

Arguably the weakest links in the power chain, batteries are a leading root cause of data center downtime. A single bad cell in a string can put your entire backup power system at risk. A proper battery maintenance program that identifies system anomalies and trends end-of-life helps you make informed decisions that increase battery availability.


  • Greater UPS system availability and reliability.
  • Less unplanned downtime.
  • Improved battery performance.
  • Longer battery service life.


for preventive maintenance

  • Temperature check on all breakers, connections, and associated controls identifies hot spots that could lead to much larger problems.
  • Complete visual inspection of the larger power system helps uncover potential failures before they impact your business.
  • Component replacements are performed for equipment that has failed or shows signs of potential failure.
  • Factory Change Notices (FCN) are implemented to ensure your UPS is up-to-date and performing optimally.

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