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APC Back-UPS 1000 (BX1000UXI) External battery longer back-up solution

  • Battery back-up & Surge Protector for computers.
  • 600 W/ 1KVA.
  • UPS Warranty 2 years.
  • PC i.e. IT Load.
  • Rs. 8,000/ including GST.
Note : prices are inclusive of GST. Transportation charges will be at actuals.


  • Topology - Line interactive.
  • Front Panel LED Display.
  • Back-up time - External battery recommended upto 200AH.

frequently asked questions

You can externally connect maximum 12 V 200 AH SMF Battery to APC 1 KVA (BX1000UXI), If load is just 1 PC max. 10-12 hrs back-up will get but it depends on PC configuration.

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