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APC Back-UPS 1100VA (BX1100C-IN)

  • Battery Backup & Surge Protector for Electronics and Computers.
  • 660 Watts / 1.1kVA.
  • UPS Warranty 1 year including battery.
  • Battery back-up 10 mins for 3PC And 30-40 mins for 1PC.
  • Application - For 3 PC Desktop (PC 120 Watts appx.) & 1 Inkjet Printer
  • Rs. 6,550/ including GST.
Note : prices are inclusive of GST. Transportation charges will be at actuals.


  • Topology - Line interactive.
  • Output Connection - (1) India 2/3-pin 6A (Surge Protection).
  • Inbuilt AVR
  • Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR).
  • Battery and surge protected outlets.
  • Cold-start capable.
  • Generator compatibility.
  • Front panel LED display.

frequently asked questions

To disable battery saver option,kindly follow the below steps :
* Press the BATTERY SAVER button to deactivate the battery saver feature.
* Battery saver LED will turn off indicating that the battery saver mode is disabled.
Note: If the load is less than 40 watts we would sugget to disable battery saver mode. We recommend the battery
saver mode to be enabled if the load is more than 40 watts for the enchancement of battery life.
This feature helps the UPS to offer consistent runtime during the lifetime of the battery. It increases battery life up to two times. Runtime of the connected equipment will reduce when this feature is enabled. Press the BATTERY SAVER button to activate the battery saver feature. Battery saver LED will illuminate to indicate the UPS is working in the battery saver mode.
No, we can't set the sensitivity to BX1100CI-IN manually. The BX1100C-IN intelligently adjusts the sensitivity to tune to the power conditions in your region. There is no user selectable manual settings.
The no load shutdown feature works when the Battery Saver mode is enabled and the Back-UPS is in the On Battery mode. The Back-UPS will shutdown if the connected load draws less than 30 W of power for more than 5 minutes. Disable Battery Saver mode if only low power consuming equipment like ADSL-modem or wi-fi router is connected to the Back-UPS.
No. BX1100CI-IN cannot be monitored through software as the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is not software compatible.
The product manual says that it would shutdown if the load is less than 30 W on battery for 5 mins, so 12V 1A is 12W And it means that it would get shoutdown. You have to add more load (like laptop etc) so that load is more than 30 Watts
It usually depends upon the laptop configuration as well as the processor load on the laptop at that point of time. High processing drains the backup quickly and low processing can get you longer backup. Usually backup time varies from 90 to 120 mins.
It usually depends upon the PC configuration. Max. 3 PC can Connect.

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