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Luminous 1000VA 12 VDC UPS

Luminous 1000VA (LB1000XL) 12 VDC UPS

  • Flexible Power Solutions - Line interactive UPS for long back-up time. Max. Charging Current upto 20A.
  • 600 W / 1000VA.
  • Battery back-up 10 mins for 3PCs. And 30-40 mins for 1PC.
  • Rs 6,500/- Including GST.
Note : prices are inclusive of GST. Transportation charges will be at actuals.

- applications -

  • Diagnostic labs & clinics
  • DTP, Prints shops, cyber-cafes
  • School & college Computer labs
  • large format retail stores
  • Airline reservation & Travel booking counters


  • Excellect micro-processor control.
  • Buck and boost AVR for voltage stabilization.
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering.
  • Off- Mode charging.
  • Cold start function.

frequently asked questions

No, Minimum 3 PCs are recommended. It's depend on UPS confirguration, max. 600W load Power is allowed.
If 12V 200AH Battery connected to UPS, For 1 PC load max. 10-12 Hrs battery back-up will get but it's depend on PC configuration.
Min. 8-10 Hrs time it will take to charge 90% of battery AH after it fully discharged.

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